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Conducting Kerala School Sastholsavam 2017-18:Direction from DPI(30.8.17)

Posted on September 02, 2017 | Posted in Circulars, Sasthrolsavam, Whats New

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SAMAGRA portal:A presentation

Posted on August 10, 2017 | Posted in Study Material, Whats New

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Food safty registration in schools:Direction from Food safty commissioner(31.7.17),Palakkad

Posted on August 03, 2017 | Posted in Circulars, Health, Noon Meal, Whats New

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Campaign Against the Drug Addiction.: Silpasala for Teachers on 6.8.17(SUN) at Pookkottukavu Panchayat Hall under MIKAVU Projec

Posted on August 01, 2017 | Posted in Mikavu, Programmes, Whats New

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Instruction for the DRG training on 29.7.16 & RP List (Cherpulassery)

Posted on July 28, 2017 | Posted in Circulars, SSA, Whats New

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Timetable for First term Exam 2017-18

Posted on July 27, 2017 | Posted in Circulars, Whats New

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Letter From Sreekrishnapuram SC development officer(27.7.17)

Posted on July 27, 2017 | Posted in Scholarships, Whats New

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NILA Project(Shornur Assembly):Minutes of Councilors meeting conducted on 22.7.17 at GHSS Cherpulasser

Posted on July 25, 2017 | Posted in NILA, Whats New

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Schedule : Sports & Games 2017-18(Cherpulassery)

Posted on July 11, 2017 | Posted in Sports, Whats New

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Cherpulassery sub dt-clubs convenors (WE,SS, Science, Maths, Sahityavedi,Sanskrit & Sports) 2017-18

Posted on July 04, 2017 | Posted in Kalolsavam, Maths, Sahityavedi, sanskrit, Sasthrolsavam, Science club, Social Science Club, Sports, vidyarangam kalasahityavedi, Whats New

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