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Revenue Dt Quiz 2018-19(Science,Maths,Social):Directions(17.10.18) Circulars, Maths, Sasthrolsavam, Science club, Social Science Club 21 Oct 2018 2298671048746
Action Plan-Maths,Science,Social science 2018-19 Circulars, Maths, Science club, Social Science Club 23 Jul 2018 2298678746
Preparation for Social Science fair:A document from Sasthrakeralam Sasthrolsavam, Social Science Club 08 Oct 2017 10446
Cherpulassery Sub dt level Social Science Quiz Result conducted on 6.10.17 Social Science Club 06 Oct 2017 46
Cherpulassery Sub dt Science quiz on 4.10.17 (at HSS SKP) & SS Quiz on 6.10.17 ( at HSS SKP) Programmes, Science club, Social Science Club 24 Sep 2017 2658746
Social Science Club 2017-18:Direction from DDE Palakkad(8.9.17) Circulars, Social Science Club 15 Sep 2017 229846
Results:Science quiz conducted on 8.8.17 at GHS Vellinezhi Programmes, Social Science Club 08 Aug 2017 26546
Quiz Competation for Students(UP,HS & HSS) under Social Science club on 11.8.17 at BRC Katampazhippuram Programmes, Social Science Club 03 Aug 2017 26546
Results:Pathravayana Malsaram (Cherpulassery Sub dt) conducted on 31.7.17 at HSS SKP Programmes, Social Science Club 01 Aug 2017 26546
Cherpulassery Sub dt level Social Science club News Reading Competation(For HS) on 31.7.17 at HSS Sreekrishnapuram Social Science Club 24 Jul 2017 46
Conducting Charitra quiz for Students by Archives department(10.7.17) Circulars, Social Science Club 12 Jul 2017 229846
Cherpulassery sub dt-clubs convenors (WE,SS, Science, Maths, Sahityavedi,Sanskrit & Sports) 2017-18 Kalolsavam, Maths, Sahityavedi, sanskrit, Sasthrolsavam, Science club, Social Science Club, Sports, vidyarangam kalasahityavedi, Whats New 04 Jul 2017 10567804710487467845339
Palakkad Dt Clubs 2017-18(WE,SS,Science & Maths)formation on 30.6.17(FRI),2.30PM at IT @ School Circulars, Maths, Science club, Social Science Club, WE 28 Jun 2017 229867874615
Formation of Clubs 2017-18:Direction from DPI(9.6.17) Circulars, Maths, Science club, Social Science Club, WE 09 Jun 2017 229867874615
A presentation on Water Science club, Social Science Club, Study Material 15 Jan 2017 874684
Result:Sub-Dist Level Talent Search Exam conducted on 21.11.16 at BRC Katampazhippuram Social Science Club 21 Nov 2016 46
Sub dt Social Science Talent Search Exam (HS only) on 21.11.16 (Monday) 10. 00 am, at BRC Katampazhipuram Social Science Club 18 Nov 2016 46
Palakkad Dt Social,Maths,Science Quiz&Talent search exam 2016-17:Date&venue Circulars, Maths, Programmes, Sasthrolsavam, Science club, Social Science Club 11 Nov 2016 2298672651048746
Social Science Quiz 2016-17(Cherpulassery) Results of Quiz Competation Conducted on 24.10.16 at HS KTP Sasthrolsavam, Social Science Club 26 Oct 2016 10446
Sub Dist level SS Quiz Competation(LP,UP,HS&HSS) on 25.10.16(Tuesday) at HS KTP Programmes, Sasthrolsavam, Social Science Club, Whats New 19 Oct 2016 26510446339
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